Creating a credential in credential vault

  • 16 November 2023
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I am curious if anyone has found a way to create a credential that can be edited by more than one user or in other words the password with the credential can be changed by multiple members that are assigned. Right now I am facing an issue where the credential that I am using can only be updated by me(the creator/owner) but even after adding more owners i am still the only person who can edit it. Has anyone found a way they could share on how to make it where multiple assigned people can edit the cred? If not, does anyone have an best practices on how to manage the credential where more than just the creator can edit it? 


Best answer by Sajith Sudhakaran 17 November 2023, 07:46

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Hello @Jacob Gunn It seems the credential can be edited by the Owner only. Please refer to Edit a credential (