Converting dd/mm/yy with Century determination

  • 28 June 2023
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When converting the string date of format ddMMyy the output is in the future. Is there a way to force the century selection to the past?

InputString: 230985
DateOutput: 23/09/2085

2 replies

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Hi @BeauG107806 ,

For Changing the date format, you can’t go to future. However you can use string operations to change/force the century date. 

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An approach is comparing the digits from the year with current year and try to identify if it is bigger or not. It will need additional rules to get a better approach.

1.-You need get the year from you input and assign it to a variable.

2.-Get the last two digits from the current year and assign them to a variable.

3.-Transform both to numbers

4.-Use If action to compare and identify the bigger

5-Add “19” or “20” accordingly


Below i’ve posted details