Convert Datetime to String Inline

  • 4 August 2022
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Is there a way to convert a Datetime variable to string-type in line?


For instance, lets say I assign the current date to "Today-Date" variable.


Can I then type $Today-Date:ToString$ or something like that in a message box action so that the date is converted to a string inline?

4 replies

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Hi @Logan Price​ ,

Thank you for writing to us,

Please look into the below documentation:>


Hope this helps.

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Hi Sahana,

The documentation you provided shows the separate "to string" action of the DateTime package. I want to avoid using extra actions.

I wanted to know if I could bypass this action and instead directly convert a datetime to string in-line in any action, just like numbers and Booleans.



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@Logan Price​ These are called properties and can be created using package SDK easily.>

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Thank you.