Control Room API for getting folder parentid/id

  • 25 April 2023
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Has anyone successfully been able to drill down using the file/list control room api to only get a list of folder parentid/ids? We are currently working on automating folder creation/edit/delete/ect but have not been able to extract just folder ids/parent ids. When we run the api we mostly get a list of all files containing a specific name or file path within them and have not been able to filter down further to get just folder information. Below are a few examples used.. hopefully someone has successfully done this for just folder ids or can see something i am doing wrong..


Examples used: 

{ "filter":{ "operator":"substring", "operands": [], "field":"path", "value":"Automation Anywhere\\Bots\\My Tasks\\$varParentFolder$" } }

{ "filter":{ "operator":"substring",  "field":"path", "value":"$varParentFolder$" } }


This returned nothing but a count: 

{ "filter":{ "operator":"eq", "operands": [], "field":"name", "value":"$varParentFolder$" } }


any help or insight is greatly appreciated! 

2 replies

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Bumping this up! Hoping someone has an answer! Any help is greatly appreciated

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@Jacob Gunn  The folder information will be available under dbo.AAfile table.. I am not sure if AA exposed any API for this … here are the columns for this table


id is actual folder name, parent id is parent folder name 


Automation Anywhere\bots\mytasks\testtasks

Then here is the folder structure 1\9\21\35

Automation Anywhere - id =1

Bots  id = 9

Mytasks id = 21