Connect Azure Keyvault to Automation 360 Cloud

  • 20 October 2023
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I am trying to connect our Automation 360 cloud control room to an Azure Key Vault, but I keep getting the error: 

Could not connect to Azure Vault using the provided configurations
If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator.



The documentation from AA (linked here) is very vague, and merely states to input the Vault URL, Client ID, Client Secret, and Tenant ID. It makes mention of an Azure app registration, but does not say more.

I went through and created an enterprise app in our Azure tenant for Automation Anywhere, then generated an app registration client secret. I then granted the enterprise app the “Key Vault Administrator” and “Key Vault Secrets User” RBAC roles in IAM to the key vault in question. I even disabled the key vault firewall to see if that was the issue, no change.

 My questions are:

  1. What (if any) setup needs to be done on the enterprise app/app registration in Azure?
  2. What RBAC roles should be assigned to the Azure enterprise app in the key vault for AA to access it?
  3. Are there any other required steps to get this integration working?

I have already looked through all of the documentation I can find about this, and looked through all the community posts, and none of them give more detail on cloud hosted control rooms.


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I was able to figure out the issue, the “Client ID” field in AA needs to be set as the “Application ID” of the Azure app registration, not the “Secret ID” of the client secret that you generate inside the Azure app registration.