Configuration of Server credentials in Automation Anywhere 360 control room

  • 13 July 2023
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We have Automation Anywhere 360 control room to develop bots on the server. To login to the process(e.g Azure Devops) we are using credentials same as server credentials(id and password).

Due to the password expiry, we are able to login to server but not into the process, in such case we raise case and they are changing the password of the server. This time we are able to login manually into the process but we are not able to execute the bots even after correcting the password in credential vault.

The reason might be configuration of server credentials in the control room.

Can anyone please help me where the server credentials are configured inside the control room.

Thank you!

1 reply

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@Mamatha 1214

Check user edit section if you  are trying to set the device credential for unattended mode. You will need an admin user.