complete / public Internet access for A360 cloud?

  • 19 October 2022
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Is complete internet/public Internet access needed for the VMs for accessing A360 and it's components to develop and run?

How can we setup the VM only to have access to AA A36p cloud and not public Internet access.​


2 replies

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You do not need to open everything completely. This first link shows the DNS entries required:


If you are integrating with external resources (Git for example) you also need to configure the NAT IPs on your firewall:


Finally, internally you can configure white/black lists so that only certain devices can get to the Control Room:


As to setting up your VM to only access A360 and not the rest of the Internet, that is an internal network configuration, not an Automation Anywhere config. You would do that through a simple FW policy.

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What about A360 on premises?

Full internet access is needed anywhere?​