Community edition still shows my device connected even though the agent service is stopped.

  • 23 September 2022
  • 4 replies

Since yesterday I cannot launch an automation because the control room thinks one is in process. I also cannot delete my device because the control room thinks a deployment is in process. Restarting the agent doesn't help and even when the agent is stopped the control room shows the device as connected.



4 replies

Same, It seems this is out of our control, no matter which steps is taken to troubleshoot the device still shows as connected and active deployment. To ensure that services are removed from your PC you can also use CMD as ADMIN and type the following command to make sure agent is removed from your machine:


sc delete "Automation Anywhere Bot Agent"


Although, I did this also and it did not helps, seems somewhere an active deployment is running lol

Have any one got a solution for this...

I was finally able to delete my device just now. The old task still shows in history as pending, but I am now able to run new automations.

Hi Team


The issue was resolved with the support engineer

Then delete the device and re-registered the device.