Client fail to connect to control room but the url is acessible by browser, the error is after clicking login button, not after filling the url (URL is valid)

  • 6 April 2022
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Hi, I'm having problems connecting to CR from the Client, the error "Unable to connect to server.. Please make surte server is up and running". But the error only show up after i press the Login button and not after filling the URL...


Looking to CR LogFiles, the only error i see is "com.zoomdata.api.model.ApiException: Connection type cannot be changed" in zoomdata file...


PS: The URL is acessible by browser

2 replies

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Hi @Gilberto Carvalho Pereira​ - Kindly visit below KBA and review symptom#3 and its resolution steps.>

Thanks, but the solution at symptom#3 have not worked, but found the problem here:


2022-04-07 08:52:13,285 [ 1] INFO Main - processManualLogin > User Authentication is failed or CR url is replaced with old CR url.


I think it happened because we logged in with an old client version and now are trying to login with the updated version, so i removed all user licenses e desacivate them, so all the devices in CR was removed. After that i just enabled the user again and it worked out