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  • 10 October 2023
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Dear All,

Can you give me ideas, I want the bot to click on the checkbox (“801”, “802”, “803”), this can change and other times it has to click on another checkbox like (“806”), so It cannot be static.

The table may change and there may be different checkboxes to select.

Variable 01: 801

Variable 02: 802

In HTML it is a table, I can do it through automation anywhere or through JS, which way would be the best.

Thank you



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2 replies

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Hi @richard.ramirez21 ,

Please try with AI sense method to capturing the checkbox,

How To Use the AISense Recorder | Automation Anywhere ...

AISense for recording tasks from remote applications

Record a task with AISense Recorder

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Hi @richard.ramirez21,

Try to implement this steps

  1. add the numbers(803,804...), which u need to check into a LIST
  2. Capture Table and try to get the table length(maximum rows)
  3. Loop through each row
    1. get the value(803,04...) from table by identifying Dynamic XPaths or provide row & column numbers.
    2. if the list contains the number(from step 3(1)) , click check box else continue to next row


Hope this logic helps you.