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  • 5 March 2023
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I am performing Click using Recorder Action its working fine but some time its failed but after changing action Click into “Left Click” its working.

Can anyone have idea when we can use click and left click for Accurate result, with realtime examples.

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Hi @Anurag10 ,


In Automation Anywhere the click command will call the backend function/method of the control which we want to invoke without moving the cursor to the object point. It is just like giving a shortcut key on our keyboard to perform a particular action.

When it comes to left click it will perform the click event on the particular by moving the cursor position to that object on the screen. It is just like making our mouse left button down and up.

For example, assume that you are automation a login screen using Automation Anywhere and here you have to click on the login button. If you use the click operation to perform this login in Automation Anywhere is going to call the backend function which is behind that login button where are Left click operation is going to move the cursor position to that particular object on the screen and it will perform mouse click event which is similar to how human will perform left click operation on the mouse.

Note: Choosing the right command is depends on the behavior of the application, which you are automating.