Check in/check out bot doesn't work

  • 3 August 2022
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So i tried to check in/check out a bot like i usually do and suddenly i couldn't check in/check out the bot. After checking i found that at my dashboard the elasticsearch failed to connect.


so i went surfing the community for the problem since i assume the problem is because the elasticsearch server failed to connect. but i saw an answer posted by AA team that if check in/check out doesn't work do not restart the elasticserver services.


here is the details>


how can i fix this? and is the reason why i can't check in/check out my bot is because the elasticsearch server failed to connect?

2 replies

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Hi @David Jansen​ ,


Please stop the Elastic Search service and go to C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere, then rename the elasticsearch folder and restart the Elastic Search service again.


This might helps to fix this, if not, please create the support ticket for the AA team.





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hi @Tamil Arasu​ 


i have fix the elasticsearch server but the bot still can't be checked in/out any suggestion?