Certificate Not get Advance RPA Automation Anywhere on email and portal

  • 3 October 2022
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I Compete Advance RPA Automation Certificate also Pass display on screen but certificate not get on email or portal.

Please Help ASPA>

2 replies

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Hi @Hemant Khomane​ ,


When you successfully complete and pass the certification assessment, your certificate will be emailed to you within four hours to your registered email address.


If you're not received any email from Automation Anywhere, please reach out via mentioned email address




Yes, once signed in to the Automation Anywhere page on, select your credential and download it by clicking 'Download PDF' in the Options section. Note that Badges are shareable on social media, but are not downloadable.




Thanks for reply ,

In Budges not show Advance RPA Automation Certificate.

Email ID :

I mail to but not get any response.

Pls help to get certificate.

ticket ID : 64653