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  • 8 October 2022
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Currently I am working on AAv360. I am posting here as facing a challenge in the below scenario.

In the screenshot shown above, bot needs to click the line starting with SMTP (highlighted in yellow, currently it is at first position but it can change as well).

However when I am trying to identify and click on this line, it is always clicking on the line number like 1,2, etc. (but not checking the line starting with SMTP).


Can anyone please suggest/guide how this can be achieved.

3 replies

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Hi @Rohit Gaurav​ ,


You can achieve that using the Simulate Keystore Action. (Always 1st line - SMTP)

Once you have clicked Rich Text Box and then pass the [Home], the cursor should be moved to the beginning of the line.


However, above you've mentioned that SMTP is changing to a different line.


Would you be able to explain the process ? what exactly you're looking for in that rich text.

I guess you want to add some text in front of the line before the SMTP right?


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Hi @Rohit Gaurav​ ,


If you are still struggling, you might be able to explore using the image recognition package. (I would use this as a last resort)

You could use the following image as your anchor relative to the textbox and offset your click.



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Hi @Tamil Arasu​ ,


Thanks for your response.

It can not be always 1st line (yes, postion is changing).

I want to pull it down (using - button) and after some modification on SMTP line, send it back to box (using + button).

I hope this answers your question.