Cannot delete a process that is associated with a device that is disconnected

  • 6 December 2023
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I ran a process on a bot runner device that was no longer in use.  When I tried to delete it by using the STOP command, it didn't stop it, but rather made it so all other commands (like pause or resume) not work and throw the error “None of the selected items can be xxxxxx” where xxxxx is the type of command, like paused, resumed, stopped.

It is not causing an issue with the other botrunners, but I don't like seeing this process in an Unknown state.

So my question is how do you delete a ‘ghost’ process activity, that cannot be deleting using the limited actions provided.


1 reply

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Hi @User16594604096479542004 ,


Try to stop the process through Admin account. If that is not working then, you can restart the Automation Anywhere Bot Agent service and stop the process again.