Cannot connect to new server with RDP

  • 24 June 2024
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I am having an issue getting our third server to work with RDP. We have two servers with another service but we are moving to Azure and have one server setup with them. The RDP works with the old two servers, but I cannot get it to work with the Az one. I have the IP’s I found here whitelisted. Control Room IP addresses for external integrations ( No one else is logged in and only one other person has access to the server via an admin account.

If I open an RDP session on my local computer, I can then schedule a bot and it can use that RPD session to run. If I use the “regular” auto log-in it also works. The error only happens when I try to run an unattended bot and AA needs to establish the RDP.


java.lang.RuntimeException: {"message":"Error creating RDP session.","details":"This may be due to multiple reasons. To continue, please\n\n1. Please check the number of max session count is configured for this machine\n2. Please find out if no one else has RDP on the machine\n3. Please check that there are no other processes holding RDP connection on the machine\n\nIf you continue to see this message, please contact your system administrator.","correctiveAction":"","code":"rdp.error"}

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