Can't type or set a dot (decimal numbers) into a numeric input field

  • 9 February 2022
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I am trying to fill out a web form. I am trying to insert decimal numbers (e.g. "12.34") into a basic numeric input field:


<input type="number" placeholder="Price" class="form-control" id="price">


and I can't find a way to do it. If I set or append a whole decimal number, only decimals get inserted (everything before the dot and the dot are missing, e.g. 12.34 => 34), and even only inserting the dot symbol into the field doesn't insert anything, same goes for the comma symbol. The element was found via the recorder and everything works normal on type="text" inputs.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.




3 replies

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Hi @Babič​ ,


Use Number: To string (Number: To string) >> Pass this variable instead of hardcoded value in "Enter keystroke Values" section and give a shot?


Specify the number of digits you want to see as a decimal in Enter number of digits after decimal (number format) section. PFB Example for your reference.


ssign float value to the variable

Thanks for a quick reply. I tried the suggested approach, unfortunately the issue persiststed.


However, not sure why, but changing "Time between keystrokes" to anything else than default value 0 (e.g. 1) fixes the problem and the whole number is inserted correctly. There is now some lag before the value is entered, but it works.

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Great @Babič​