Can someone please help me ? I can not connect to local device I tried everything delete the files, bot agent ex. When i try the enable extensions ( I tried to delete them too.) I am getting this error message.(Picture 1)

  • 11 August 2022
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I've added a few more photos so you can better understand the situation.I searched for some solutions in the forum and I tried it but it didn't work. I tried differnt PC , different browser. Please someone help me I can live stream on Discord or anything else. (Eğer bunu okuyan Türk varsa yardımcı olabilirse çok sevinirim birkaç gündür bu hatayı çözmeye çalışıyorum.)

2 replies

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Hi @Mustafa Samet Bulutoğlu​ 


I was faced this issue many time. First you uninstall the bot agent from control panel make sure it was properly uninstalled then also remove the the local device from Manage -> Devices. Also, the remove extension from the browser then install the bot agent.

Hopefully it works (Y)

still same :(