Broken Thread Links on Automation Anywhere Forum

  • 23 December 2022
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It looks like this forum has been recently changed to the PathFinder community as I can see there is a very small icon that denotes “Pre-Launch in Progress”.  I’m sure this launch will be wonderful in the future.  However, at the current time I find it extremely frustrating that most any topic I search on the web lands me with an error page.  It looks like when implementing this new forum you broke links to a bunch of the existing forum threads.  This makes it very difficult to locate content and educate oneself regarding the way others have solved issues in the past.  Can someone please provide a resolution to these broken links.  It makes the user experience extremely poor.

2 replies

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Hi @Matt 7768 ,


I can understand your concern. Please find the explanation given by the Pathfinder team regarding this issue. 

In addition, please check out the FAQ regarding this query.

Pathfinder Community FAQs | Community (


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Hi @Matt 7768 ,


Probably is a bad advice. Checking  cached page from Google search  you can get some information about old posts. Do not expect much.



The idea is enrichest the actual Pathfinder Community