Bot Running without user intervention

  • 19 September 2023
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Hi I want to schedule a bot which is attended, but I cannot do that, even if i use trigger automation has to be logged in in and i should click the run with trigger, is there any way to run the bot without user intervention periodically.

3 replies

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Hi @nisargak ,


Running the BOT without user intervention can't be an attended BOT, it is called unattended. In order to do that, you should have Unattended license to be assigned to a Bot runner and the BOT has to be checked-in to the Public folder. 

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Okay Thank you

when  i add the hot key trigger hot key will only work when I click on “run with triggers” button without that, is there any possibility that if i press those keys on any page of automation anywhere logged in page the bot will run


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Yes. We can.

An event trigger is a predefined action that runs an associated bot. All the bots with event triggers are listed under the Event triggers tab.


Check below link :