Bot queue for two different runners

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Hi everyone,


I have set up two bot runners (VM+user) on one control Room (*

I have a lot of bots running on the first one, and would like to run a bot on the second one.

However, it is stuck in the queue (in Automation>In Progress). It seems to wait for bots to be run on the first runner before being launched on the second one.


Does that ring a bell to anyone ? On a previous instance of Automation Anywhere there was no problem with it.

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@Augustin  have you configured these two runners into device pool and attach this devicepool to queues for processing ?

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Hi @rbkadiyam,

I have not configured device pools and queues.

I would like to have those two VMs different (because they are used for different projects) separated, that would mean creating two device pools with only one bot runner in each ?