Bot not actioning on main object

  • 23 August 2022
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I have a bot running task on a website. It appears that the bot gets stuck on a screen when attempting to action on an captured object. I manually checked the web portal and see that the object is still in the same location. I've tried re-capturing the same object, no luck with that. Is there something I should manually do with the object properties?

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Hi @Abdul Adewale​ ,


You have to refine the DOMXpath for that.

If the concept of XPaths is new to you, then here is a tutorial on XPaths, what they are, and how to build robust XPaths.


Simply put, they are unique identifiers that the bot uses to interact with web elements.

Also, I've noticed that you are automating bank transactions?


I wouldn't recommend doing that with RPA, since its a sensitive process.


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Ashwin A.K