Bot is not working properly when VM is off state

  • 4 August 2023
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In the master bot, we have few child bots whenever the VM is in attended state (we are logging in to the virtual desk of our project provided) the bot is performing all the tasks switching from one child bot to another child bot. But whenever VM is off state or unattended state the bot is switching from one child bot to other, but the tasks are not in active which is done by child bots so that following child bot is unable to pick it and showing error.

Please help to resolve this issue.


3 replies

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Hi @Jyoti.R ,

I would appreciate it if you could share the error descriptions/message that occurred here.

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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 ,

PFA error log for your reference. Please guide me to resolve this issue.

There's a parent bot within which there're 2 or more child bots,

When the VM is open/on the child bots are performing their tasks sequentially(ie. Child bots are triggering each other without any interruption)

But when the VM is not open/off the bots are not working as expected(ie. Suppose we have 4 child bots and when first bot performed it's action successfully and the output of first bot is given to second bot as a input,
The second bot is not able to pick the output of first child bot and it's showing the task performed by first child bot is inactive)

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Hi @Jyoti.R ,

Thanks for sharing the details.

Cannot find window or application titled “application window”. please double check the window title on the error line.


Please check the below,




Inaddition, Please use the enclosed .bat file for logging out from RDP session properly or use the Run→ Sign out option