Bot Insight - track data with different level of detail

  • 23 January 2024
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Hi everyone,

I would need to set up a bot insight dashboard for tracking the processing of purchase orders.

The problem that I’m facing is, that I would need to track two different levels of detail.

  1. PO level (e.g. PO#, customer #, PO date, was it processed correctly or not)
  2. PO Item level (e.g. item number, delivery date, status, PO# to which it is related)

When using “Analyze: Open/Close” actions with different transaction names I can at least save the data independently but when using the variable “PurchaseOrderNumber” in both transaction it will cause problems in the analysis, cause I would have a record with the PO# for every line item.

I know that I could use different variables for each transaction (e.g. PoNumber on PO_Level transaction and PoNumberOnItemLevel on PO_Item_Level transaction) but I’m not sure if this is  the best approach.


Anyone in this community, who had a similar problem with a proper solution for it?

0 replies

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