Bot Games Challenge 3 - Open AI Xpath generation error


While using the GPT-3 package and extracting the Xpath for all the fields for Resiliency Challenge, the result obtained is as “//input[@id='customerId']” where as the original Xpath from the website extracted is “//*[@id="customerID"]” with capital ID, so capturing and entering the value in the text box fails and throws an error. Have any one faced the same and what else way can be done to extract the Xpath from GPT-3. The get page source code package also throws an error stating the “Unable to extract the page source. Please check the URL and try again.”

Please suggest what other ways can be done

The prompt for GPT-3 is as follows :

Find the DOMxpath for Company Name, Customer ID, Primary Contact, Email Address, Street Address, City, State, Zip fields from $website(variable)$ page and provide the output in json


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