Bot Agent connects to wrong Control Room

  • 22 August 2022
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I am looking for best practices around connecting to multiple CRs and some odd behavior. I am working with a client that has a Dev VM and a Sandbox VM. They noticed an issue wherein one of their licensed Bot Creator devs logged into the Sandbox VM but hit the URL for the Dev VM by mistake. Upon login, the bot agent automatically synced to the Dev VM account. The short workaround for this was to block the Dev URL on the Sanbox VM, and vice versa on the Dev VM.


What I am wondering is whether this is at all due to them using the same credentials (local to the CR, not A.D. or SSO) in both environments. And is the best practice approach to have each dev use a separate username/password in each CR environment? Or was this caused by something else? Using separate credentials seems like it will be more of an administrative headache as the team grows.

3 replies

Could you help in selecting which one is your environment from the below two:


Environment 1:

1 Dev CR for Dev VM and 1 Sandbox CR for Sandbox VM

1 Creator who logs into the Dev CR URL from Sandbox VM


Environment 2:

1 CR and 2 VM

1 Creator who logs in to the CR URL from any one of the VM (Dev and Sandbox)

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Thanks for the reply. As mentioned, it would be Environment 1. The customer has 1 VM for each CR environment, and the Creator accidentally hit the wrong CR from the VM. The bot agent then pinned that VM to his login, removing the original device mapping.

This should not happen, I suspect that creator registered the device, to understand what exactly happen I would suggest to login as an admin in DEV CR and check the audit logs.


Also, Yes you can control device registers by creating a custom role:


imageExample, you take the Register Device role and Delete the device(s), now admin will assign the device to user while creating a new user (creators/runners), users will not able to delete or add device(s) themselves.


Hope this helps,



Ikshit Dhawan