BlackScreen when excute bot as unattended.

  • 9 June 2023
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The task includes 3 parts. if I use trigger to trigger the second part after the first part finished,then black screen will appear on second task.

But if I put the second task into main task as a Sub task, then the black screen will not appear.

for some reason, I have to use the trigger to trigger the second part, so i can rerun the second part as needed. How to solve this black screen issue?

BTW, we have group policy that maximum time of each session is 2 hours which is unable to changed.





4 replies

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Already solved the problem….

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Hi @Joe Zhou ,

Can you share how you manage to solve it.

I encounter same issue.



Already solved the problem….

Can you share how you solved it?

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Hi @Diego Javier.N ,


Checkout below link for black screen resolution


Please follow either of the below mentioned step to fix the issue.

  • Logout through the Run prompt (Run→ Log-out)


  • Use the enclosed .bat file to properly log-out from the runner machine.

Note: There should not be any other active session on the runner machine during the Unattended Bot execution.