Bad Gateway - Controll room issue

  • 26 June 2023
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I am facing an issue with a bad gateway error in the control room. I have tried to restart all the services in order still it remains the same. If someone has any solution for this kindly help me out.

2 replies

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Hi @Rahman.J ,

There are several possible reasons for this to happen, the one most easy to miss is your SQL login not having permissions to access your DB.

Open your SQL Management Studio and check that your have login logging enabled (Server Properties -> Security -> Login auditing). It is set to Failed only by default, you can change it to Both successful and failed if you wish.

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Then attempt to login to Control Room and then check the logs.

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You are most likely going to see an account trying and failing to connect to the DB. Give that account sufficient privileges and try again


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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 , 

Thank you for your response. It seems like an issue with the SQL connection as you said. But I am unable to find SQL Services running on my machine. Help me to address this issue if possible.