Azure blob storage API automation

  • 8 September 2022
  • 2 replies

Hello All,


I have been trying to automate the Azure blob Storage to upload files using Rest APis.


However, I'm able to retrieve the values from file in blob storage container. But when trying to upload a file its not working as expected (Authorization used : SAS Token). Could anyone give me an idea if any automation has been done on blob storage.


Also if the API automation not possible. Can anyone suggest me if anyother methods that has been followed to automate this.

2 replies

Hi Raghav,


Please find the attached zip file containing a json file, import json in Postman and try. I have not worked on downloading and uploading files in Blob Storage but getting listofBlob and getting blob works for me.


I worked with Sharepoint API to upload and download of files. Just a hint - You will not able to upload or download a file directly, you would need to use some scripting to convert the file into Base64 and upload or download, this is how it worked for me incase of Sharepoint, I am assuming it will be similar for Blob Storage as well.



You might want to check Microsoft official documentation around Blob Storage API -

Azure Storage REST API Reference | Microsoft Docs