Automation Co-Pilot. Button element in Forms

  • 19 February 2024
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I add button elements to form. When I run the process all elements are visible except button element. What can be reason for that?



Best answer by rasul.babayev 20 February 2024, 08:21

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5 replies

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Can you share the screenshot of the form in edit and in during execution

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Of course, First picture is in edit, second is in execution.


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Hi @rasul.babayev ,

While creating form did you enabled below ?

Optional: Use the following Advance behavior option:

  • Disallow button click when this form is first loaded: Enable this option to disable the button element when the form is displayed for the first time during bot runtime.
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Hi, @Tamil Arasu10 I have tried that as well. Didn’t work.

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Sorry, I tried it again, it worked. Thank you for your support!