Automation Anywhere Historical Activity API Request

  • 15 March 2022
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Hi everyone,


is it possible to fetch Historical Data from your control room via API?

Basically everything what is stored in http://<my-control-room/#/activity/historical


Thanks a lot!


8 replies

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You can get details from the Audit Logs section.

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Hi @Emil Agamir​ ,


Have you explored on API Approach? checkout below link for more insights.>

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Can you try the same in POSTMAN and check? Status Code 200 is Success case.

Hello Chandu, thanks for your response


I already tried the Audit API Approch. However, all I get is an empty list as a response. Could you maybe tell me, what I'm doing wrong?


This is what my python code looks like:



audit_url = "<my_control_room_url>/v1/audit/messages/list"

headers = {

'accept': 'application/json',

'X-Authorization': <my_access_tokenl>,

'Content-Type': 'application/json',



data = '{ "username": "myusername", "password": "mypassword"}'


response =, headers=headers, data=data)



And this is what I get as a response from the server:



Status code: 200


 "page": {

  "offset": 0,

  "total": 227189,

  "totalFilter": 10000


 "list": []




As you can see, the list is empty, even though I put no filter on my request.


Thanks in Advance


we can get it

Yes I will try it via POSTMAN and give an update :)

Thank you for your help

Are you using Python aswell? If so, may I see your code snippet for the request part including header and body. Maybe I'm overseeing something.





"field": "createdOn",

"direction": "desc"







{"operator": "eq",

"field": "status",

"value": "Unsuccessful"


{"operator": "gt",

"field": "createdOn",

"value": StartTime


{"operator": "lt",

"field": "createdOn",

"value": EndTime










This is how my json along with filter looks like post authenticating to CR