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This is thread is your place to unlock event related resources, updates, and to ask questions.


What is the Automation + AI: LIVE event? 


Put generative AI to work with the Automation Success Platform.


Every company is in the midst of a productivity crisis - either driven by a labor shortage, cost constraints, or competitive pressures. At the same time, McKinsey predicts that in order to meet global GDP targets, businesses will need to see a 50% increase in productivity. The combination of generative AI and automation has the power to unlock this next wave of productivity and trigger our next industrial revolution, completely changing the way we work and empowering teams to create their own productivity tools that will help them expand their impact on the business. 


Join this special digital event with experts across AI and automation and learn how you can put generative AI to work with the Automation Success Platform to empower every business team, accelerate automation development, and ensure generative AI is being used safely and securely across your enterprise. 



CEO and co-founder Mihir Shukla will share the roadmap for automation + AI. Learn about key strategic partnerships, product innovations, and how you can employ the Automation Success Platform to leverage the power of AI to transform your business.


Product announcements

Learn about the new innovations on the Automation Success Platform to help you leverage the power of automation and AI.


Use case demonstrations

See real-world industry use cases and solutions for industries like banking and finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.


A recording of the event will be shared. 

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Automation Anywhere Launches Automation + Generative AI to Accelerate Productivity Across Every Team

(Click to access full press release)


Automation Anywhere Puts Generative AI into Action to Accelerate Impact

Generative AI is now infused across the entire Automation Success Platform, bringing together the productivity gains of automation and compounding them with AI, making the path to ROI faster than ever.  And because the Automation Success Platform is uniquely architected to be fully open and extensible, companies can leverage any best-of-breed LLMs with flexibility to support use-cases most valuable to a business. With this initial announcement come three key innovations: 


Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Business Users 

  • Last year, we announced Automation Co-Pilot - an automation assistant embedded into any application. Now Automation Co-Pilot is GPT-powered, accelerating team productivity even more by enabling them to action any generative AI use-case across any system, from creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations.


Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Automators

  • Automation Co-Pilot is now embedded in the developer experience and connected to generative AI, empowering everyone, from professional developers to business users, to use generative AI to transform conversation into automation and expedite the speed to automation ROI.  Users quickly create automations by having a natural language conversation with Automation Co-Pilot, opening up automation development to virtually anyone in an organization.


Document Automation + Generative AI 

  • Document Automation now uses the power of generative AI for fast understanding, extraction and summarization of data from an ever-growing universe of unstructured document types, in addition to structured and semi-structured. More document types means more data can be unlocked. And because it’s connected to automation, data can be inserted right into a process workflow without any lifting and shifting. 


Full Press Release: 


Announcement details to be shared at today’s Automation + AI: LIVE event. 

Reply & share your reactions/questions in this thread. 


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We are just about to get started!

If you have registered, please use the link provided in your reminder email to “Enter Event.”

If you have not registered, click here to gain access

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In addition to our exciting announcements, I want to highlight our newest Bot Store packages: 

➡️ OpenAI Generative AI Package 

➡️ Google Vortex AI Package

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✏️ Sign up for the Automation Co-Pilot for Automators July preview today! 


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Thank you for joining our event! A recording link will be shared shortly. 

To learn more about today’s updates, explore these helpful links:  

📌 Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users 

📌 Automation Co-Pilot for Automators 

📌 Document Automation with Generative AI 


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🎥 Replay is LIVE 🎥

*Already registered attendees can access recording by clicking “Enter Event” link shared in original event access email 


Additional Resource Flag: *NEW* blog from our Chief Product Officer, Adi Kuruganti - Harnessing the power of generative AI across the Automation Success Platform 


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New event recap published!