Application: Open program/file, how to 'run as administrator' ?

  • 29 August 2022
  • 3 replies

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exampleHello, I have a .bat file that I need the bot to run but as administrator, as opposed to just straight opening the file (screen shot included of what I need). Is there a parameter I can use in the application: open program/file command that will do this?


3 replies

I think with AA command it will not possible, instead edit this bat script to always open as admin, follow this article:>



Ikshit Dhawan

You may also try the option below when running the bot:



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Hi! Thank you for your response! I had actually found that same post yesterday afternoon! This response worked for me:

imageI put my shortcut on the Desktop, and then when I am telling AA to open it, reference the shortcut location like this:


For your second suggestion, the bot always runs as admin in my case but when opening a bat file you have 2 options: 'Open' and 'Run as administrator'. Even as an admin if I simply 'Open', I still get an 'access denied' error on some of the actions.