After closing the excel file using close spreadsheet command also the excel file is used and opened with automation database player in A2019. While trying to delete the file BOT is coming up with the error stating the file has been used by another sy

  • 24 June 2022
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Can anyone please suggest some resolution for this?

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do you do both activities in different Bots like open excel in one bot and close excel in another bot?

Hi @Sohan K​ 


If you are trying to delete the Excel file while the Bot is running then you can't do that.

As you mentioned after closing the file also the file is being used in that case try clearing the %temp% files


But if you want to delete the particular worksheet in a workbook then you can do it. Please let us know your exact issue.



Nishanth Anbalagan

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Hello @Sohan K​ ,

Based upon the explanation it looks like while you are opening Excel as a Database make sure you are closing the session as well it makes an excel file free from Java Memory and you can try to delete it from the file system.


Thank You

Vaibhav Muley