About displaying the history after running a bot

  • 4 January 2024
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I am nobuhiro yane

I used the API to set data in the Queue and run the bot.
Bot history and number of executions

・Executed Queue name: Queue-a
・Bot name executed in Queue-a: Bot-a

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①At this time, I used the API to set 50 queues in the queue in about 20 seconds.

②Bot-a was executed 50 times. Also, when I checked the details of Queue-a, 50 pieces of data were set.

③ However, when I looked at the activity history, I thought there was data for 50 bots with a status of "completed", but only one.

(please tell me.)
Will the history be aggregated if the same bot is executed continuously in a short period of time?
In the history, the start time of the 1st bot and the end time of the 50th bot were displayed at the start of one history.
What kind of work is this?




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Hi @nobuhiro yane ,


The Activity History will show the Bot execution details. No matter how many work items are created, the end-to-end process is a single one. 


Similarly, in a modular concept, the Parent bot is the only one which will be showed in history and not its child bots even though they are getting executed. 


If you want to see the Work items status, go to the Manage → Queues → <Queue Name>


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I am nobuhiro yane
Hello ! Thank you for contacting us.

① 50 queues corresponding to the parent BOT were set in "Queues" in a row.
The parent bot has been executed 50 times.
I then went to the history page. I thought that the parent BOT had a history of 50 executions, but only one was displayed.

②Next, set one Queue corresponding to the parent BOT in "Queues" and confirm that the parent Bot has been executed and completed, then set the next Queue and the Bot will be executed and completed. I repeated this 50 times.
In this case, you were taken to the history page. There was a history of 50 parent BOTs being executed.

Is it possible that if it is a continuous process like in case ①, it will be considered as one process on the history page?

>If you want to see the Work items status, go to the Manage >→ Queues → <Queue Name>



Have seen similar for when i use Queues… have raised a product enhancement request to get each run of a ‘queue’ bot to appear in the History.

As a work around, if you put ‘Task Bot > Stop’ at the end of the bot that is triggered by the queue, you will get individual records in the History (useful if you use the History for tracking numbers of bot runs)