About AA2019 wait for screen command

  • 7 June 2022
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Hi team

when i used AA11 version, the wait for screen changed command is useful for any windows, but in AA2019, it is never succesfull on windows

for example, i typed some search condition on an SAP window named windows-xxxx

then i type F8 to execute query, and then the search data window appeared, it also called window-xxxx, so i use wait for screen command on window-xxxx to monitor some area changed. but how ever i drag any area on window-xxxx, the time-limit error for wait screen


what should i do to make it useful? help me pls!

1 reply



I hope I understood your question correctly,


Try to use (Activate Window) command, or you can use "Wait for Application" to open then use a 10 second delay to see if the timing is really the issue.


Thank you!