AARI Doubts

  • 25 August 2023
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Please help me to clarify below questions about A360 AARI

5.1.The workflow steps can be dynamically added. For example, a manager may be able to route the transaction to additional levels.

2.A specific high level invoice may need two levels of approval. The steps in a workflow should be configurable. 

3.Is AARI allowing non English languages

4.Steps of the workflow may be done manually (by people) or by service end points (APIs) or bots.

5 In Invoice processing (AP) Status of each invoice request must be traced through the whole transaction

6.Should have ability to pull comprehensive status of each transaction - covering -
- Reporting status of each transaction
- Time it took at each step of the workflow
- Delinquent users who held up the workflow
- SLA reporting

7.Notifications like email and stuff on completion of parts of workflow

8.Allowing other organizational users also to act (e.g. approve, confirm, submit data etc.)

9.Moblie enabled UI - Ability to open the form in mobile and approve/ act as appropriate





1 reply

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Hi @ardra 

Thank you for sharing your question.

 I would like to recommend that you submit a formal support ticket for deeper inquiry and direct collaboration with one of our support team members.

To submit a support ticket, visit the Support Portal. (LINK)

Thank you

Rima Sengupta

Pathfinder Community Team