• 19 January 2024
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Identified a bug while running AARI process where one of the field in a form is not marked as required but we have an error on that field and unable to submit the form.

I guess the issue is due to the new version of Control Room installed on the environment. Do someone have the same error and what could be the solution for it?

5 replies

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Hi @Jay 8374,

I apologize for the inconvenience, would you mind informing me about the Control Room version that your running?

Thank you. 

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Hi Ravi,

I guess it is v.30 (build 19678).

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@Jay 8374,

Thank you, could you please also post the error message your seeing.

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Please find the attachment and also we have seen a new issue where after submit, instead of proceeding further the blank screen appears.

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Hello guys,

could you please provide an update on the mentioned issue.