AAPlayer.exe Getting Stuck at Random Commands.

AAPlayer.exe getting stuck at a random command for around 2 mins after that it resumes normally and execute next command then again it gets stuck at a random command. 


AA Client Version -


From Debug Logs it looks like it is sending some task progress status update and retrying couple of times before moving to next command.

Below set of lines in Debug Logs are logged multiple times when AAPlayer.exe is stuck.


DebugScreenshot Is there any setting which I can change to resolve the issue.

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Hi @Nishant Jain​ ,


Please check out the version compatibility for the AA client.


Version compatibility matrix - Automation Anywhere


Please try the below option,

Backup your source codes

Uninstall the AA client

Removing existing logs from the location

Install the client like a completely new one and execute the task


If this doesn't help, please create a support ticket to Automation anywhere and they will help you to resolve this.







Hi @Tamil Arasu​ ,


The Client version is compatible with CR as per the Version Compatibility Matrix.




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Hi Nishant,


Ideally, the bot should not get stuck and fail if there are any errors.

So to identify the reason for the bot getting stuck, you'd need to check on which line it gets stuck.


I've seen in the past the bot was getting stuck on the Run VBScript line and we had found that the script was waiting for another exe and the bot was stuck.


Sometimes the bot gets stuck on the Object cloning line when the brwoser Plugin gets disabled.


One mroe link I could find on Apeople if it can help.>