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  • 23 February 2023
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Hi everyone, 


Is there a way for me to build an interactive form with a dropdown that can enable user’s to select multiple options within the dropdown? I’ve tried this by making use of a checkbox with the various options a user can select, however I’m struggling with reading the actual value/name of the checkboxes selection as I need to store it in a variable to be used at a later stage. 

Is there a way I can go about this on the interactive form? Below is the checkbox list I’ve created and added into the form and I need to get the value eg: SRV00871


Kind regards,

Nokuthula Mkhize

3 replies

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Hi @Nokz 

As of now we don't have this feature place an enhancement request with AA


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Hi @Nokz ,


Have you tried the Interactive forms package?



Refer here for further details.

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Hi @Padmakumar , yes I have. But I wanted to know if it’s possible for users to select more than 1 option and for the bot to be able to return the value that the user selected. E.g: SRV00871?