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  • 1 October 2023
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Hi , I have a scenario where the Bot machine got hung while it’s running the bot , i need to always clear gloabl cache of AA so that it will re run in a proper way. Any best option available to check if the device is running or it’s suck for hours ?


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2 replies

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Hi @Chaitukvs

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Hi @Chaitukvs,

Lets check few things:

  1. Check the Bot status in “Activity” tab during the execution of the bot.
  2. Analyze Bot Agent log files for any errors.
    The Bot Agent log files are available at C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\BotRunner\Logs on your device. The following files are available at this location:


    Captures information about the execution of a bot such as the operations performed, events triggered, and errors encountered by the bot.

  3. Verify there is enough disk space available on the bot runner machine.
    Free space required increases with the project size. Recommendation: Have at least 40-50 GB of free disk space for each long-term project.

  4. Try restarting the bot agent service, also verify bot agent is installed at “system level” instead of “user level” 

  5. Ensure there is no proxy or firewall that is blocking the communication between control room and bot agent machine.