AA 360 On Prem upgrade from V24 to V27 Export/Import Question

  • 29 March 2023
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Hello Community, 

We are looking to upgrade our On Prem Control room to the latest version of Automation Anywhere. The build in our V24 version is technically more than n-3 releases and the steps say to upgrade to v26 before upgrading to v27. But it doesn’t explain why.

During this upgrade we are setting up an entirely new server farm to move forward with. 

If we export all of our Control Room tests/scripts and save them locally, Can we then download the latest v27 version fresh on the new server, redo all of the settings we are going to need to do anyways, and import the v24 versions of the tests/scripts into the v27 control room?

Will this work using the old packages version?

Will this work and let us update the packages to the newest package versions for each test?

Why do we need to do two upgrades if we are more than n-3 releases behind and is there a better way to do this?

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@ben.zumwalt  : here is the summary how control room installation works.

when you install control room.. all AA packages are deployed into your server… 

In your case you have v24 existing and bots developed… Now you wanted to user new server for V27… If its a brand new installation latest aa packages will available but if you wanted to run your bots you need to upgrade the bots with latest package (this is one option )

second option is just install v24 and on top of the install v27… so, no need to update any bots with latest packages to run as usual.


suppose recorder package 1.1.2 in V24 and you used a command, that command may be modified in V24 with package 1.1.4., in you bot you need to select 1.1.4 if its a brand new installation and do not wanted to install v24


if you install v24 on brand new server.. recorder package 1.1.2 installed.. on top this if you install v27 recorder package 1.1.4 installed and both are available… so, no need to change anything… 


Hope this clarifies your doubt...