AA 360 extension 3.0.2 automatically added in chrome but in disabled mode

  • 20 October 2022
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In chrome the updated version of AA 360 (3.0.2) automatically added in VM but in disable mode, we need to enable the extension every time bot started running.


How to make the extension always in enable mode.



Sandhiya P

5 replies

@ChanduMohammad S​ Yes we checked but they have enable all permissions.

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Can you check with your IT is there any group policy is disabling this, normally once we enable it should stay as is.

Hi @ChanduMohammad S​ 


Yes, you're right.

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Hi @Sandhiya P​ ,


Once you enable the extension manually again in the next run its getting automatically disabled?

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Can you reinstall the botagent and give a try? If this is not helping you, I'd recommend opening a support ticket with AA using below link>


if you don't have access to the above link, Send an email to AA Support team "" to get the access.