AA : After AA chrome plugin reinstallation 11.2.0, few commands OC & Keystrokes not working

  • 22 February 2023
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AA chrome Plugin had crashed. Plugin installed again. However after installation, few OC and Keystrokes not running in unattended mode.

It runs in attended mode in Bot runner.

Also, some errors were logged in AA logs. Attaching for refrence.

Bot creator & Bot runner has screen resolution difference, However, Bot has been running some some time now without any issues.


3 replies

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In, an atmx file has been placed.

Bot is trting to brose for a file and upload it in the application 

Line no 97-108 (existing code). Having keystrokes.

Tried to use Manage Windows Control instead. Line 109-125


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Hi @Suruchi 2340 ,


Put a Desktop Capture action in the error prone area and see what is the behavior over there.

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I have placed capture desktop at several points. however, unable to find the issue.

However, from AA logs, Do you find any potential error related to Chrome browser or plugin specific ?