[A360 Swagger API] Is there a way to specifically search for credentials?

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hello. I am studying Swagger API.I want to search the attribute value within the attribute in the credential search function 'Search for Credentials'. (Where you want to search: bold)
How should I enter Json syntax? Thank you for your help.


Responses Ex>

  "page": {
    "offset": 0,
    "total": 4,
    "totalFilter": 1
  "list": [
      "id": "307",
      "name": "Sample-Credential",
      "description": "Test credential Created from API request",
      "completed": true,
      "lockerId": "15",
      "ownerId": "21",
      "attributes": [
          "id": "885",
          "name": "Attribute1",
          "description": "Example attribute 1",
          "userProvided": false,
          "masked": true,
          "passwordFlag": false,
          "createdBy": "21",
          "createdOn": "2022-10-28T00:15:09.319987Z",
          "updatedBy": "21",
          "updatedOn": "2022-10-28T00:15:09.319988Z",
          "version": "0"
      "createdBy": "21",
      "createdOn": "2022-10-12T20:42:32.896315Z",
      "updatedBy": "21",
      "updatedOn": "2022-10-12T20:42:32.896317Z",
      "version": "6"


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Thank you for answer.I had to find the id by mapping it with the name value of the ‘attributes’ field value.Therefore, the method you provided was something I had already tried.We have currently solved the problem by implementing it in Python.