A360 ServiceNow Package - Where to enter "sysparm_fields"

  • 21 September 2022
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In the Command "ServiceNow: Get Multiple Records", we have the provision "Encoded Query String (i.e. sysparm_query) (optional)" to enter the sysparm_query. But I don't see any provision to enter the "sysparm_fields".


Is there any way to enter the sysparm_fields in the command ?


Note: I'm trying to get some field values (Variables) from a RITM. So, my value in the sysparm_fields will be like variables.first_name, variables.last_name, variables.department etc. to get the respective values.



The same Method in Postman would look like this:


4 replies

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@Ambarish Rao​ 

You can use the sysparm query field to do so.





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Hello @Sumit Kumar​ ,


Thank you for sharing the solution.


I have tried to do the same thing with my env, But I'm getting an error like "An unexpected error occurred. null"


Am I missing something here? Can you please guide.



1) I have tried using the actual sys_id instead of RITM1234567

2) Tried "Values to Return for Each Dictionary in List" option.

Still the same.


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@Ambarish Rao​ Please update the package.

Then you can use it like this:


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@Sumit Kumar​ - Thank you so much for alternative method. It worked 🙂