A360 Recorder capture activity works on attended mode fails in unattended mode.. Using Virtual machine

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A360 Recorder capture activity works on attended mode but  fails in unattended mode..

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Can you include the details of the Capture command. If the two devices render the page differently the capture properties may change between the two devices.

Using different browsers (if you use Browser: Open and use “Default Browser”, the default browser my be different between the devices) might be an issue.

There aren’t enough details in your post to really resolve an appropriate answer.

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Using Recorder capture I'm trying to login to web based application and to do few more actions.

In unattended mode logging into web application gets failed.  I'm using recorder capture set text for username and password. Set text activity is getting failed. Button click activity works i can see login failure massage with username and password field are empty.

I’m using Recorder capture auto detect  and using  chrome browser.

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You may want to escalate to to help with this issue. It may be something with the unattended bot agent’s configuration or the device’s setup.

You can start looking through the links here:

Some issues you may be experiencing include:

  • Chrome update on one device and not the other
  • An older Automation Anywhere Chrome extension on the unattended device

You said. “Set text activity is always getting failed”, but you said the “button click activity: works. Is there a error message displaying for the Set Text, or does it continue to the next action and the Click on the button executes with empty fields?


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Hi @Isnagha 3489 , 

  • Set Text with Delay:

    • If you’re trying to set text in an object (such as a text input field) with a delay, you can use a combination of actions.
    • First, identify the object you want to interact with (e.g., a text input field).
    • Then, use the “Set Text” action to input the desired text into the object.
    • To add a delay, you can use a separate action (such as a “Wait” or “Delay” action) before or after setting the text. This delay will ensure that the text is set after a specific time interval.
  • Left Click and Set Text:

    • Another approach is to first left-click on the object (e.g., the text input field) to focus on it.
    • After clicking, use the “Set Text” action to input the desired value.
    • This method ensures that the object is active and ready to receive the text input.