A360 Migrated Bot - After calling the metabot a AAZerosizeForm is coming up and it is not responding for a minute.

I have seen the AAZeroSizeForm popup while using the C# DLLs but it goes away within a second. But in one of my use cases the form has been not responding for almost a minute it causes delay in the bot progress. In the initial iterations it is working fine, pop up is not coming. After few iterations I have observed this issue.

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Hi @suvarchala pokala​ ,

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The reported issue is fixed in A360.24 and refer the below release notes and the screenshot. Hope the information helps you.>


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@Babu J​  Thanks for the reply.

I am facing this issue in V24 itself, All the packages are updated to V24 (Default). After  selecting the Run function in background check box AAZeroSizeForm popup is not coming on the screen. However I am still facing the delay at C# DLL call. Could you please suggest what else Can I do to resolve the issue.

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@suvarchala pokala​ : Thanks for the updates, Need to check why the delay with the DLL over the session. For further analysis please raise a case with the AA support team and will assist. Please refer How to create a support case :>