A360 API Device Activity Status

  • 22 August 2023
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Hi, I am trying to fetch the status of a device if the device is executing a job.

Using the API link “v2/devices/list”. 

Below is the response:

    "page": {
        "offset": 0,
        "total": 1,
        "totalFilter": 1
    "list": [
            "id": "48",
            "type": "SINGLE_USER",
            "hostName": "ALMDBSSAA6024",
            "status": "CONNECTED",
            "poolName": "",
            "updatedBy": "62",
            "updatedOn": "2023-08-16T15:46:52.917400200Z",
            "botAgentVersion": "21.222",
            "nickname": "",
            "description": "",
            "maxCount": 1,
            "defaultUsers": [
                    "id": "62",
                    "username": "bot084",
                    "domain": ""
            "lifespan": "PERSISTENT",
            "installationType": "USER_SPECIFIC",
            "logConfiguration": {
                "logLevel": "INFO",
                "logFileSize": 10,
                "numberOfLogFile": 10,
                "logCollectorEnabled": false,
                "level": "CONTROL_ROOM"
            "logLevel": "INFO"


Here the STATUS is CONNECTED which defines if the device is connected to the Control Room.


Is there any way to get the status of the Activity. Eg “Active” as shown in the screenshot.


I am trying to deploy a task only if a device is available/idle to perform the task. 

I am not using device pool as a task can be sent to any of the device listed in the pool. I want to control which device picks the job. Is there any way to achieve this?

3 replies

 Hi, I am trying to fetch the status of a device if the device is executing a job.Using the API link The Automation Anywhere Control Room provides APIs that enable you to customize how you (and your automations) interact with  love language test  Automation ...See which devices are connected and what tasks are available to run. ... The Get Bot Activity operation returns the status of all deployed ...For example, API calls to create a disk, update instance metadata, create an instance group, change a machine type, are recorded in activity logs. API calls ... Finding Device ID in A360 Control Room; Additional Information ... Note: For SSO-based user login, use the API Key instead of the password ...

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@pritam.bonia  check this -

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Hi   @pritam.bonia 

Use the Bot Execution Orchestrator API

API: <Control Room URL>/v3/activity/list
Method: POST
In the Header, add the Key: X-Authorization and the Value: <token from the Authentication API>
Body for API (use raw-> JSON):


"fields": [],

"filter": {

"operator": "eq",

"value": "UPDATE",

"field": "status"


"sort": [


"field": "endDateTime",

"direction": "desc"



"page": {

"offset": 0,

"length": 1