A360 and OneDrive

  • 8 November 2023
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Some of our bots have been having issues opening excel files from OneDrive.  

Frequently, the following error is received, “An unknown error occurred when executing the 'OpenExcel' command. To continue, contact your system administrator.”

If the bot is run again, it has no issues and is able to open the file with no changes made to the code.  Curious if anyone else has had this issue, or a suggested solution.  

There are no issues with the file path, the document is sharable in OneDrive.

2 replies

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I believe I'm having the same problem. I noticed that if OneDrive is paused the file opens normally. The problem does not occur on all machines and it seems to have happened to more users in recent days.

So far I still have no solution, other than pausing OneDrive. 

A temporary solution that I also end up using is to revert to the advanced Excel package version.

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Hi @krista 698,

This could be due to several reason, lets try few solutions based and see how it goes.

Corrupt Excel installation: If Excel is installed incorrectly at the operating system level, you may not see the "New > Microsoft Excel Worksheet" command when you right-click anywhere and then again. To fix this, reinstall Excel. The command should reappear and the bot should run successfully.

Issue after upgrade: If you upgrade Control Room or Excel, the package version may not be set to default. This can cause the issue.

Issue after Windows patch: If you install a Windows patch, Excel DLLs may become corrupted, preventing A360 from connecting to Excel. However, you can still create or open Excel files manually.

Office in modal state: When Office is in a modal state or performing a long operation like a conversion, it can tell COM that it is too busy to handle the call. This can cause the RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED error.

After Windows or Office update: After a Windows or Office update, some Office files may be missing. This can cause the issue. To fix it, you can do a Quick Repair of Microsoft Office from the Control Panel or reinstall Microsoft Office.